Leadership Mindset for Personal & Team Victory


…and thanks for joining us in our leadership journey!

This blog was built to be your personal leadership compass, to help you do two things: achieve personal victory, and be your weekly leadership inspirational lighthouse. 

My hope is that you use the pages of this blog to craft a journey where you achieve your full leadership potential (personal victory) and you can facilitate people-to-people (team and organizational) success.

Here you’ll find two sections: “Lead & Inspire!” and “Words of Wisdom!


“Craft Your Journey – Lead & Inspire!”

Lead & Inspire! is a collection of my thoughts in response to questions many ask about leading ourselves and others. The framework comes from my own decades of leadership experience. This is not mentorship from the quietness of a classroom. I am still a senior executive leader, leading in the “arena” where leadership must count! Consider this section your personal Coach’s advice.

“Craft Your Journey – Words of Wisdom!”

Words of Wisdom!  This collection is dedicated to the wisdom that makes us pause to think about purpose. This is your inspirational “Lighthouse” with daily application to life. The genesis of this collection is inspired by a good mentor and friend Chief Bob Vasquez, who continues a journey of helping warriors develop character.

The fresh, weekly  perspectives in the pages of this blog will inspire and give you direction. Go in your journey. The open gates to the city of success await you!

Always motivated, lugo


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