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José A. LugoSantiago (lugo) holds over 25 years of leadership experience and formal education in several leadership disciplines. The author is a senior executive leadership consultant, manager, trainer and human capital analyst with the responsibility to oversee, manage, and develop a workforce of thousands. In short, he wakes up and labors every day to develop the engine that makes every endeavor successful: people!

He is also the author of Lead Me, Really! Transforming Heart & Mind to Produce Authentic Leadership, a reflection and application for leaders about what it means to become a real, authentic leader; and On the Leadership Journey: 30 Conversations about Leading Yourself and Others, a fresh perspective that encapsulates our everyday life experience into a transformational leadership mind-set. He has also written other peer-reviewed academic works in the areas of leadership, organizational culture, and collaboration.

The entirety of his leadership work and writings reflect a “warrior-in-the-arena” framework for developing leadership authenticity. Well studied and meshed with philosophy, his writings aim at producing solutions that has been proven, that work, so others can achieve sustained leadership power to transform their people and organizations.

“I share with you, through the pages of this blog, a gift. My aim is that you be inspired for personal leadership, discover the power of connecting with others, and deliberately live your life’s purpose.” ~lugo

Contact email: real-leaders@joselugosantiago.com

The views in this leadership blog reflect those of the author, and do not make endorsement or reflect the position of any other parties or organizations unless explicitly stated.

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